As a logistics company, you can use LOGO CRM to organize all customer and sales processes optimally. Typical questions asked in a logistics company such as “Which of our customers actually has refrigerated transport to Italy?” can be answered just as quickly as “Which colleague was actually last at our customer Müller – and when was that again?”. In contrast to standard CRM, they can store the relations/tradelanes of a customer as well as the divisions or transport types. “Does the customer only have land transports or also air freight? Do we do value added services for the customer in addition to transportation?” This assessment of a customer is directly visible in the LOGO customer file. The assessment of your customers is automatically calculated based on their shipment behavior or on the development of sales in the different divisions. “How have sales in Contract Logistics developed in recent months compared to ocean freight shipments?”. Users can find information like this in the LOGO customer dashboard.

LOGO CRM contains all the basic functions of a modern web-based CRM. They are supplemented by the integration and evaluation of warehouse and shipment data. Potentials, quotations and daily prices contain fields that you need to map the flow of goods in a structured way. You can store other parties involved in the supply chain such as suppliers, agents, carriers, vendors, principals, and competitors in a structured way and make evaluations on them.

Just get started with LOGO!

LOGO CRM is super easy to use. Completely intuitive. Our users say it’s really fun to work with LOGO.

The clear interface and app look with LOGO’s color coding scheme make it especially easy. User training takes only 3 hours and after that everyone can perform the 5 basic activities of CRM usage. 

LOGO CRM is modular. Each user gets only the modules he or she needs in everyday life. Thus, the user interface is not overloaded and it is easy to find the information needed. 

If a user group needs to use a new module, there is a module training of 1-2 hours. This is also very easy.

LOGO CRM is already out-of-the-box logistics CRM. Therefore, no complex implementations are necessary. Immediately after signing the contract, your LOGO is available and can be filled with address and shipment data.

LOGO is hosted under EU data protection laws, in a DIN certified data center in Germany. Users access their LOGO via the browser on their mobile device, laptop or PC.

If you are planning a CRM implementation, it is important to think carefully about what data should go into your new CRM. Do you want to manage all principals and freight payers there, or do you also want to manage suppliers, agents and partners? Do you have a good database in TMS, ERP, SAP, DATEV or other accounting? Then this should be the data basis. The leading system must also be defined, so that in the future a central address base is available and there are no double entries.

Data quality is very important and well-prepared address and contact data make it especially easy for users to just get started with LOGO.

a previously used CRM, from Outlook, from the TMS, from SAP or from accounting (DATEV or others). 

Either we connect your company’s central address database directly using the LOGO X API, or you provide us with an Excel list for the initial import.

New and changed address data from the address pool you maintain is permanently transferred to LOGO, so that you always have the most up-to-date information in the CRM.

If you use different tools for warehouse, air/sea and road or rail, they can all be connected.

In addition to addresses, logistics data is an important factor for LOGO to reach its full potential. Databases can be easily connected via standard interfaces or API.

LOGO has interfaces to many transport management systems (TMS) and accounting or ERP systems in use:

Microsoft Navision, SAP, DATEV, Diamant, CargoOnline, CargoSoft, active m-ware, L-wiS, Alh.4, TA Logistik, CargoBase, SeaStep, lbase, Fr8ManagerM3/ Dr. Malek and many more. Interfaces to Winsped, AX CargoSuite, CargoWise, Komalog, etc. are under construction. 

With the modern API technology it is no longer a problem to connect the systems with each other.

In this way, LOGO creates a data lake from which you can draw already consolidated data for your reporting or your BI.

If you only need the basic functions of a CRM, start with LOGO CRM Basic. As soon as you want to activate interfaces, go to the next higher product line LOGO CRM Sales Force. And if reporting, dashboards and evaluations are important to you, use LOGO CRM Business.

You start with the Sales Force Edition, which already offers you extensive possibilities. You can set the rights of the users in the Sales Force Edition, edit the selection lists and adapt the masks to your needs. You have an admin who takes care of these tasks and 1-2 super users who answer employees’ questions and provide internal training.

If you need more advanced modules like the campaign tool, mailing manager, database queries, dashboards or reporting, switch to the Business version.

Here you should start with the business version to have all possibilities for potentials, offers, daily prices, mailings, reporting and dashboards right away.

You can start with the Business version and here you have the option to use LOGO in multiple languages. The Enterprise version is the right choice for large teams with high demands on integration, connection to Active Directory, data cleansing, marketing and reporting. In Enterprise, dashboards are included and you have many options for analysis.

Data, especially historical data, is one of your most valuable assets. Of course, we support you in ensuring that you continue to have access to your treasure trove of data. Our recommendation is therefore always to transfer the data from an existing system. We at LOGO consult AG are specialists in this field. We transfer the data from the old system, if this is the customer’s wish. Whether as a database dump, CSV file, etc. we can handle almost any type of data.  During the transfer we can also specify exactly what should be transferred to the new system. Because surely you only want to find relevant things in your new system. The transfer of data also has the advantage of increasing user acceptance right from the start, because you see that your past work is not lost.

Integrated CRM modules usually do not go beyond managing existing customers. LOGO’s professional CRM platform is different. In addition to the management of existing customers, the target customers, the potential new customers, can also be recorded and developed. For the most part, this is not possible with integrated modules. Furthermore, it is not only about the pure address management, but also about the permanent development of customers and target customers. A professional CRM platform supports you throughout the entire customer lifecycle and maps this ideally. In addition to other functions, such as potentials, mailings, analyses, etc., the CRM brings your entire team together – sales, service, marketing, operations, IT and analytics. Our flexible licensing model allows everyone in the company to have access to the customer data that is most important to them. In the TMS system, sales often does not have access.

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LOGO already has standard interfaces to the financial accounting systems: Diamant and DATEV. However, due to our interface expertise, we have connected many more systems, even if they do not meet our standard. Due to our agile programming approach, which can also be seen in the interfaces, we have not yet reached our limits when it comes to connecting a system.   

LOGO CRM = Logistics CRM and was developed from the ground up by logistics experts for logistics experts. LOGO CRM is therefore not based on any other CRM tool, but is a proprietary development of LOGO consult AG. We have made it our mission to support every company operating in the logistics industry in digitizing its sales processes. In addition to analyzing and advising on sales, marketing and service processes, LOGO, as the manufacturer of logistics-specific CRM software, offers the ideal platform to map these processes in a structured manner. LOGO thus enables consulting, software development, project management and personal support from a single source.    

LOGO offers the possibility to send mailings. Through our intuitive query module, you can quickly and easily select your desired recipient group. You can access any field in the system and set complex filter conditions. Also, the system already offers the possibility to store mailing categories per contact. The creation of a mailing is very intuitive. You have the possibility to deposit links, images, attachments, etc. At the same time, the mailings can be personalized using text markers.  

LOGO consult not only works DSGVO compliant, but with LOGO CRM you can obtain the double opt-in from every contact. The DSGVO workflows can be easily and transparently mapped in the software. By sending a link to a landing page hosted by us (adapted to your CI), you can obtain the double opt-in. The information is displayed in a structured and transparent way in the contact. At the same time, various actions can be started automatically. For example, a mailing block can be set if a contact indicates that they do not want to receive mailings.

LOGO CRM always adapts to the individual needs of its customers. Additional users, functions, toolboxes, etc. can be added at any time as needed. Our customers do not have to adapt to the system, but the system supports our customers in the realization of their digitization strategy. Always accompanied by our expertise and industry know-how.

Is your question not included? If you would like to find out more about us, then get in touch with us!