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Founded in 2016, Stargo is an AI-powered platform on a mission to transform the freight and logistics industry and revolutionize supply chain management and optimization. Harnessing the power of ML-driven models, deep learning, and advanced analytics, Stargo helps every supply chain player unlock maximum value from their unstructured data and enhance their operations.

The freight and logistics industry is filled with unstructured, unusable data. Around 80% of data that passes through the supply chain is unstructured. Freight forwarders, brokers, carriers, NVOCCs and customs brokers face a daily battle manually processing unstructured data. This costs them time, efficiency, productivity, and revenue – 20% of their annual revenue is currently lost to manual data processing and management.

By leveraging AI and deep learning, Stargo extracts, cleanses, enriches, and autocompletes unstructured data, at the click of a button. Within seconds, your unstructured data becomes your most powerful business asset, giving you full visibility across your operations and allowing you to effortlessly automate your end-to-end processes. Scale your operations with ease without overhead increases, so you can retain and grow your team while enhancing their value.

Create structured price requests, enhanced buy prices, and optimized shipping proposals with better routes, rates and margins in seconds, not hours. Become ESG-compliant and reduce your CO2 emissions by investing in greener, more energy-efficient routes and partners by identifying and tracking hot spots within your supply chains through robust data visualization.
Using Stargo’s advanced BI and analytics capabilities, you’ll have full visibility and control over your operations, with actionable, data-driven insights to help you make faster, smarter business decisions.

Consisting of a team of data scientists, analysts, and logistics technicians who are industry leaders in their fields, Stargo’s team holds 200+ years of combined experience and innovation. Recently nominated as one of the top 20 Israeli tech companies in 2022, you can trust that your data and supply chain management operations are in good hands with Stargo.