Picture of Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Data lake with stumbling blocks: Why data harmonization isn’t that easy

The road to a data lake can be rocky: BVL blog by LOGO consult in April 22 The topics of Big Data, Business Intelligence and Data Governance are on the minds of many companies.

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We at LOGO are also repeatedly confronted with challenges when our customers plan data harmonization.

Of course, it is ideal if something like this is planned for before the start of a CRM project. Then LOGO can use intelligent algorithms and logics to merge data from a wide variety of data sources.

LOGO can also qualify and enrich data, for example, using information from the commercial register.

For some long-standing customers who have had a LOGO CRM database with thousands of addresses for many years, such a requirement is only now coming up. With our Data Quality Tools we help these companies to harmonize their data as well.

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