Picture of Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Digitalisation in logistics

This year's Logistics CRM Summit took place at the end of June at Lake Starnberg. Those who had the opportunity to attend were able to meet representatives from numerous European logistics companies and exchange ideas about sales strategies and processes.

In the beautiful foyer of Schloss Höhenried, the guests were warmly welcomed and hosted by the LOGO team. After an extended phase to get to know each other and meet again, the participants were invited to the lecture hall to come together in plenary.

Digitalisation of sales processes in logistics

The keynote speech “Fancy a game? – Employee motivation with gamification” by LOGO consult. We posed the question of how to use software in a playful way to motivate your employees. Some ideas on the topic of “gamification” were thrown into the round and stimulated the discussion.

Rainer Hoppe, Managing Partner, A’PARI Consulting GmbH, brought in his lecture “Process support in tender management – How “mature” are your processes?” made all those present ponder. In the discussions that followed, most companies had to admit to themselves that their process maturity is not yet sufficient. This can be observed especially in tender management.

The lively conversations during the lunch break in the beautiful garden hall showed that there is plenty to talk about in this round. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and it was raining cats and dogs outside, but the participants found it all the easier to return to the lecture hall afterwards.

Marc Pinheiro, Managing Director, M&M air sea cargo GmbH shook the plenum after the rich Mediterranean buffet with his lecture on “Customer-centred sales strategies” with some uncomfortable truths, no tiredness could take hold after the meal. Everyone in the room, whether sales staff, sales managers or managing directors felt addressed here and put their own work to the test.

During the coffee break, the audience mixed more and more and the conversations between the different companies, between users and management, between interested parties and LOGO customers, between software and consulting companies and logistics experts became more and more in-depth.

The third lecture by Mark Mulder, Director Contract Logistics at P&O Ferrymasters, all participants listened with rapt attention. Here we could see how a European logistics group stringently optimises and evaluates its sales processes with software support powered by LOGO consult. We thank Mark Mulder for his openness and for sharing with us how P&O Ferrymasters was able to achieve a “double-digit” increase in turnover.

The event was concluded with the evaluation of the LOGO ideas competition. The super users had already been invited to submit suggestions for improvement on Wednesday. This call went out to everyone present that day. Many suggestions from a few participants were presented and all could travel home as winners with a large pretzel.

After the official end, there was still plenty of time for conversation. Who wanted to go out there voluntarily into the pouring rain when there were drinks and cake in the lobby?

The LOGO team was pretty exhausted after the preparations and the days of the event, but happy that everything worked out so well.

We would like to thank all participants for the success, for the good atmosphere, the intensive discussions and that you took the time to discuss logistics CRM with us.

After the Summit is before the Summit

Planning is already underway for next year. Due to the transport logistik in Munich at the beginning of June, it will not be easy to find a date, but we will let you know as soon as we know when it will take place


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