Picture of Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

We are partners of BLOOD TRANSPORTED!

As an association of companies from the logistics sector, we pursue a common goal: to combat diseases of the haematopoietic system and to help people.

LOGO now also supports @bluttransportiert! 💪

We are already very much looking forward to working with the Initiative @bluttransportiert and on saving people’s lives!


Every year in Germany, several thousand people, including many children, are affected by life-threatening diseases of the blood-forming system.
The best-known disease is leukaemia, also known as “blood cancer”. For countless leukaemia patients, stem cell donation represents the only chance of a cure.

However, a suitable donor still cannot be found for about 15 – 20 % of patients.
In addition to stem cell donations, which are vital for survival, an additional 15,000 blood donations of 500 ml each are needed every day in Germany. But the number of donors has been declining for several years.

The stocks of blood reserves are becoming increasingly scarce, so that bottlenecks occur time and again and even operations have to be postponed.
Our initiative wants to take on these challenges: Our goal is to mobilise people together to become life savers through stem cell and blood donations.

The initiative @bluttransportiert is an association of companies from the logistics industry with a common goal: we want to advance the fight against blood cancer and other diseases of the blood-forming system – and we want to do this by taking action ourselves!

We want to do good deeds. Deeds that connect, motivate, touch, create awareness and improve the chances of healing for affected people.
In short: Deeds that make a difference.

We are happy if you support our project with your moving deed and save human lives!

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