Picture of Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Logistics CRM in practice: LOGO consult and Fr. Meyer’s Sohn at the 2nd DVZ Conference

Logistics CRM in practice is one of the topics at the 2nd DVZ Conference. At Forwarding Monitor Processes / IT, sales processes and the corresponding IT solutions, among other things, were put under the microscope.

How logisticians can benefit if their TMS is well networked with other IT solutions and how processes are supported by solutions tailored to logistics will be the topic of this year’s event.

On 5 September, the Haus der Logistik in Frankfurt will host the 2nd DVZ Conference – TMS as the key to Spedition 4.0 will take place at the Haus der Logistik in Frankfurt. LOGO consult AG, represented by board member Dorothee Gabor, will be there this year.

The DVZ editorial team chose LOGO CRM to present a good integration of the sales tool with other departments in the company to the professional audience using a practical example.

LOGO consult had submitted various well-integrated processes in the areas of tender management, interface to the TMS, collaboration between sales, operations and billing as well as between sales, operations and other business units.

The process selected by the jury integrates the call report into many different business processes and ensures automatic proactive distribution of relevant information.

Together with Fr. Meyer’s Sohn in Hamburg, LOGO consult has designed a very special call report in which information about consignment behaviour, transport mode, turnover development, last visits etc. is automatically read out and displayed.

  • Information about the customer, contact person, date, time and participants are taken from the appointment.
  • Relevant information about the customer conversation can be stored quickly and easily via selection fields.
  • Customer satisfaction is queried in each conversation and entered in a structured manner.
  • If the customer is interested in further services of the company, information is automatically and proactively sent to the department concerned.

The manual work of the sales staff was thus reduced and the depth of information increased.

A number of benefits arise from the use of a structured call report:

  • The recipients of the conversation report can quickly see whether this report is relevant to them and can thus direct their energy to the important reports.
  • The conversation reports are uniform and are sent from the system as a designed pdf via email to a predefined distribution list. The information is visualised in a well-structured way.
  • The call reports are stored in the CRM database and not on local workstations. Thus, they can be accessed externally at any time.
  • The contents of the call reports are easy to evaluate, so that further activities can be derived from the results of the customer conversations.
  • The call reports generate a resubmission task, so that the employee is automatically reminded to visit or call the customer again after the contact frequency has expired.

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