Picture of Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Logistics experts came together at the LOGO theme day at Wilkinghege Castle

Logistics software at its best - at the LOGO theme day, decision-makers were able to see for themselves how their company can benefit from using LOGO CRM.

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Logistics companies in Europe often have a long tradition. Not infrequently a family tradition.

Castle Wilkingehege, a typical Westphalian moated castle, also stands for tradition. A beautiful ambience, rooms furnished with antiques, adapted with great sensitivity to all the requirements of a modern hotel.

What is the order of the day for logisticians and locksmiths is less true in the software sector. It is rather rare for software manufacturers to be long and successful on the market. LOGO consult AG is an exception with 25 years as a manufacturer of logistics CRM. Moreover, many customers have been loyal LOGO customers for more than 25 years. So here, too, one can probably speak of tradition.

Modern logistics CRM software – also a must for traditional companies

LOGO consult’s claim is to develop and market extremely powerful logistics software that is technically advanced at all times. Thus, the innovative and easy-to-use CRM software LOGO CRM stood for the modern factor at the theme day. For years, the suggestions and requirements have come from the circle of logistics experts. LOGO consult takes the ideas on board and thus constantly improves usability and functionality. All LOGO customers benefit from this process.

LOGO consult invited customers, interested parties and partners to the LOGO theme day

Users were able to learn about standard and premium functions of LOGO CRM in a workshop. In addition, the brand new evaluation tool LOGO PI was presented. For the first time, there were also practical examples of the customisable dashboards developed in 2017.

Supporting strategic decisions with evaluations from the logistics CRM – LOGO CRM makes it possible

The LOGO theme day was held under the motto:
“Of Data Collectors and KPI Hunters – Analytical and Strategic CRM”.

CRM systems are often referred to as the “golden typewriter”. The event was intended to show all participants that with the right structures, you can reap the rewards after the data-gathering phase. In the form of analyses that can serve as the basis for strategic decisions.

LOGO’s keynote outlined the path from the golden typewriter to analytical and strategic CRM.
This was followed by presentations by Nicolas Gallenkamp, Managing Partner NOSTA, and Sven Hornig, Sales Manager NOSTA, as well as by Olaf Rathgeb, CTO at Fr. Meyer’s Sohn. The participants learned how traditional logistics companies that have been in family hands for generations successfully defend their place in the market and gain market share with the support of LOGO CRM. Whether it is a question of globally uniform sales processes and their monitoring, or getting a picture of which customers are particularly profitable or with which products one can best position oneself in the market, there are solutions for the most diverse requirements at LOGO CRM.

The LOGO theme day concluded with an outlook on how CRM can develop into XRM.
Wulf Seidenstecher, partner at LOGholding, presented the requirements for XRM from a practical perspective. Afterwards, the plenary discussed which functions are expected from LOGO XRM in the future.

The new version of LOGO CRM is under development. The input from customers and interested parties serves to make LOGO CRM a bit better again and to add appropriate functions to the practice.

As an outlook, further activities within the LOGO User Community were discussed:
Regular central cross-customer trainings in different regions.
Free general admin training as a refresher for long-term customers
Regular theme days in different regions

And the date for the Logistics CRM Summit 2019 has already been set:

2 October 2019 at Höhenried Castle on Lake Starnberg

Those who have not been there so far should make a note of this date today. Experience for yourself how interesting and stimulating the LOGO events are for all participants.

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