Picture of Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Swiss Logistics Innovation Day

Big Data und Business Intelligence on the vnl Swiss Logistics Innovation Day 2019.

The morning was dominated by very exciting presentations on how innovations are driven in the field of logistics. LOGO Board Member Business Development Dorothee Gabor and Business Development Manager Veronika Bauer were present as new members of VNL Switzerland.

How can technologies such as artificial intelligence and the use of big data support CRM users?

We learned which new research topics are being worked on by universities and how in practice new technologies such as augmented reality, predictive maintenance, Big Data, artificial intelligence and innovation cycles influence business models.

Above all, planning for the future was a recurring theme. Using intelligent processing of historical data with known influencing factors such as holidays, weather, events, etc., an amazingly accurate forecast can be calculated.

When data from CRM is added, i.e. target customers, potentials, cross-selling, value added services, customer satisfaction, etc., a whole new dimension is added, which was still missing in the presented models, but which we were able to bring into the discussion.

Enrich forecasts with data from CRM

In the second part of the event, all participants were called upon to develop ideas for new business ideas in connection with the new technologies.

VNL think tank with experts:
Forward Thinking – Thinking Along – Thinking Outside the Box
«Use cases» for the logistics of the future

Together with other participants, we have developed business models in which data streams or artificial intelligence can create new customer benefits. Of course, we always have our sales glasses on and consider which data would be relevant for forecasts and the pipeline. Together with IT specialists and Swiss universities, very exciting models were created.

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