Picture of Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

LOGO consult joins VNL Switzerland

At the Logistics & Distribution in Zurich, LOGO consult decided to join VNL Switzerland.

As a software producer for logistics companies, LOGO consult has been participating in trade fairs and events of the logistics industry for many years. The VNL in Austria and Switzerland organises top-class events with inspiring key speakers and top speakers. LOGO consult is now a new member of VNL Switzerland.

At these events, LOGO consult learns where the shoe pinches in logistics and where the journey is heading.

This is how we can make logistics CRM that accompanies logisticians into the digital future.

LOGO CRM supports all processes in customer relationship management and sales. LOGO CRM is integrated into the IT landscape and primarily represents shipment data in the sales system. Through the interface to the TMS, LOGO users have access to consignment data, relations, products, frankings, etc. They can evaluate these in order to optimise their sales processes. They can evaluate these in order to develop their strategies.

VNL Switzerland supports its members in all challenges related to digitalisation. In cooperation with the state funding programme Innosuisse, there are financial incentives. In this way, VNL Switzerland also helps small and medium-sized enterprises on their way into the digital age.

Customer Centricity – the true customer desire

Digitisation is already the order of the day in the areas of transport management, accounting and track & trace. In contrast, customer relationship management still often lacks structures and processes. The understanding of what customers need and how they perceive their own company is often only schematic. The knowledge of the employees is not stored in a structured way and strategically evaluated. A logistics CRM can provide the basis for tailor-made sales activities and marketing measures by combining shipments, potentials and customer details.

LOGO consult, together with VNL Switzerland, would like to support logistics companies in analysing processes and creating transparency.

In the future, LOGO consult will share knowledge about sales in logistics with Swiss transport companies through publications and lectures.

Now we would like to work out together with Swiss logisticians which Customer Journeys crystallise. We want to show how good customer and target customer management achieves an increase in conversion rates with up- and cross-selling.

Among others, the areas of “Customer Orientation and Marketing” are part of the SCM Masterclass of VNL Switzerland.

With the SCM Masterclass VNL Switzerland has launched an ambitious project.  In cooperation with universities and experts, the SCM Masterclass wants to accompany logisticians in Switzerland on their way to becoming true supply chain masters. LOGO consult AG’s experience with the challenges in logistics sales may be helpful here.

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