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Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

This is how business intelligence comes into the midmarket

Meaningful dashboards, valid KPI - how can a medium-sized company afford it? Dashboards and visualization of KPIs are part of the management's toolbox.

Meaningful dashboards, valid KPI – how can a medium-sized company afford it?

Dashboards and visualization of KPIs are part of the tools of the trade for management

All corporations and large companies have a comprehensive and overarching data concept. Relevant data from a wide variety of sources is fed into business intelligence tools (BI) and analyzed there. 

This is often done in the cloud, as with tools from Microsoft or Salesforce, to name just a few.

So you are giving the data out of your hands and into a multinational corporation. Is your data really safe there? Does European data protection law apply? This is where many entrepreneurs from medium-sized businesses worry.

What are the challenges for an SME to get meaningful dashboards and KPI for data-driven decisions?

  1. Diffuse knowledge about different databases and their contents
  2. Different data processes and interfaces between systems
  3. Uncertainty about which data source to use for which analysis
  4. Inconsistent data and database structures

You know which KPI you need for your management. You can specify which visualization shows you relevant developments and data at a glance.

As a data analyst, you need a logistics specialist

LOGO Blogbeitrag die CRM Challenge Logistik-Daten

LOGO blog post the CRM Challenge logistics data

What’s missing now is a service provider who will analyze the data streams with you, channel them, create a data lake and build dashboards.

Sounds simple, but it’s not.

I wrote about the challenges that logistics data brings in my blog post “The CRM Challenge Data Quality: Logistics Data”.

And that’s why a BI project, started on the “green data meadow”, costs several hundred thousand euros. This is often not affordable for a medium-sized company, because internal resources are added as additional work for the data service provider.

Blogbeitrag LOGO DATA

The solution is an industry-specific preconfigured BI tool, in which the typical queries, groupings, calculations and data structures are already predefined: Read more about LOGO DATA here:

This logistics BI is a solid foundation into which we have brought a lot of experience from over 25 years of integrating and analyzing logistics data. A large part of the data analysis and data integration phase is not necessary if customers are already using LOGO CRM, because they already have most of the data from warehouse, transport, service, damage, accounting in their LOGO database. Already structured and assigned to customers.

Also the typical calculations of sales per division or relation, contribution margins per product, loss ratios per partner are already preconfigured.

LOGO Kunden-Dashboard

This way, evaluations can be compiled in minutes, without data analysts, special data cubes and costly BI projects.

This means that there is finally a logistics BI tool suitable for SMEs that is powerful but affordable.

If you want to learn how a BI project is also possible for your company, contact us.

This post was published on the BVL-Blog on 14.02.2020.

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