Picture of Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Customer service as a component of the customer journey

Everyone knows it from their own experience and wants customer-oriented service when they have problems with a service provider, a counterpart who has relevant information available, a quick solution to problems.

When we are treated this way by our service providers, whether privately or professionally, we feel comfortable and customer loyalty is strengthened.

Good customer service is an indispensable part of a good customer relationship.

That’s why good customer service tools are so important.

Nowadays, simple questions may well be answered via a chatbot if it has been trained well. But when it comes to more complex topics, personal consultation is necessary in logistics.

Customer service in logistics means: transport inquiries, price inquiries, delivery information, damage reports, complaints.  

Customer service in transportation and logistics is confronted with a variety of issues. Service staff must have quick access to information about customers and their shipments. And they have to communicate answers in a structured and comprehensible way.

Service requests come in through various channels: personal conversation during a customer visit or event, telephone, personal e-mail, e-mail to central service address, entry in self-service or customer portal.

A service request can be received in different ways and all of them must be bundled centrally in one place and processed by one team. It must be possible to see which tickets are still unprocessed and which tasks still need to be completed.

Support for service staff: customer file opens automatically

If the telephone system is linked to LOGO, the customer file can open automatically. With one click, the service employee can open a new service case, which then automatically already has a time and employee stamp and is assigned to the correct customer.

This significantly streamlines processes, saves a lot of time and improves transparency.

All service processes mapped in a structured manner in CRM

It is ideal if these service processes can also be seen in the CRM. 

LOGO offers the Helpdesk App for this purpose:

Employees in Customer Care and Customer Service have access to this app.

Anyone can take a case and process it. With a traffic light function, completed and open tickets can be recorded even faster. With a filter on unfinished cases, the team can focus on the pending requests and help customers quickly as well as competently.

If the request comes in by mail or via the customer portal, the request can also be automatically assigned to the correct customer, as long as their email address is stored in the CRM. Automatic assignment to the responsible customer advisor is then also possible. A notification can be triggered to the account manager that a request has been made by one of his customers.

In addition, the LOGO also displays the service transactions with their current status in the customer file:

This gives the customer service representative the opportunity to view the current status of customer inquiries before a telephone call or customer visit. If he then also mentions in the conversation which inquiries have been directed to the service department, the customer recognizes that you are intensively dealing with his needs and customer loyalty is strengthened. Your competence as a service provider and the status of digitization in your company are also underscored in this way.

Good customer service is always part of a good customer experience and strengthens customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

In many companies, it is hard to understand how much time Customer Service spends on what kind of requests and for which customers. In discussions with managing directors and controllers, we have learned that it is precisely these evaluations, however, that would be game-changing in deciding which products to continue to market and which customers to work with profitably.

For example, in the case of parcel services, there is a low profit margin but a disproportionately high number of queries as to where the shipment currently is. There are also very high demands on the connection of the clients. In order to have tracking data for the parcels, interfaces have to be set up. This can quickly erode margins.

Evaluations of service activities per service type, per customer, per division

With a ticket system integrated into the CRM, in which times are also entered, such reporting is possible. Different categories are defined here and the entire history (mail history, status changes, time bookings per employee) can be traced.

The most important KPIs can be visualized in dashboards and individual queries can be generated with self-service reporting.

Structured service procedures, transparency, process optimization: This is what you can achieve with LOGO Service Tools.

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