Picture of Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

M&M launches major sales initiative

A new era at M&M is beginning these days. The different company divisions want to grow together and create an optimal customer experience together.

In 2017, M&M decided not to continue with the further development of the self-programmed sales tool. LOGO CRM offers all the functions that the sales staff had wanted and has a lot more in store.

LOGO CRM has been the CRM standard in logistics

for 25 years.
With a web-based, intuitive CRM that combines a clear interface with sophisticated functions, the sales staff and gradually all employees with customer contact will be able to contribute their knowledge of the customers and their needs and requirements.

In the future, it will be possible for employees from the road division to recognise that a caller is already an important customer of Air&Sea and serve him accordingly. Cooperation between the divisions is expressly desired and there has already been a lot of networking on the fringes of the cross-divisional CRM training.

The use of LOGO CRM at M&M is part of the company’s digitalisation strategy

The management team at M&M has understood that digitalisation is not effective without digital leadership. And so the managing directors have personally committed themselves to this project and made their employees aware of its relevance for the joint success of the company.

Even in a company that has been working with a sales tool for many years, implementing a CRM strategy that puts the customer and his needs at the centre of activities means change. Change management is also required when processes are renewed and expanded.

Change Management and Digital Leadership are Required

In the context of international tender management, M&M also wants to cross national borders. In the next phase of the extensive CRM project, the tender management module newly developed for M&M will be used. Sales controlling, marketing and other CRM components will gradually follow. If the concept proves successful, other national subsidiaries will also have the opportunity to join.

LOGO CRM is the ideal tool for global sales teams

Since summer 2017, a very motivated and top-class project team consisting of employees from M&M AirSea, M&M Road, MMCom and LOGO consult has been working on the company-specific adaptations, new modules, the training concept and the rollout plan.

After the planning phase, the pilot phase began in October, the training of the first groups of employees was carried out in January and M&M went live at the beginning of February.

The LOGO team wishes the M&M CRM team every success and looks forward to further cooperation.

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