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Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Who else is looking through? – Communication, organization and supplier management are in demand

3 G, 3 G plus, 2G, 2G plus especially in the leisure time under these conditions you hear from all sides the word "relaxations" - relaxations of the Corona measures.

In the world of work, these regulations were not yet mandatory in all sectors. This is now changing. In Italy, since 15.10.2021, it has been decided to extend the green Corona pass to the entire world of work. This means that drivers from abroad who transport goods to Italy are also included.

Vaccinated, recovered or tested negative. Those who cannot present any of these three proofs are not allowed to load their goods. Problem: Vaccination from the drivers’ home countries is often not recognized.

Once again, the logistics industry is among the hardest hit by the measures.

“The logistics industry warned of delivery problems and empty store shelves. Many drivers are from abroad and do not have the green passport because they are not vaccinated or the vaccination from their home countries is not recognized, said the association Fiap.”  [DVZ: New Corona rules in Italy: worries in freight transport; October 13, 2021: https://www.dvz.de/dossiers/coronavirus/detail/news/neue-corona-regeln-in-italien-sorgen-im-gueterverkehr.html]

Minimizing uncertainties for all parties involved is now important! 

Certainly: good organization and communication cannot change the circumstances per se, however, you can minimize uncertainties not only with your customers but also with your suppliers. By doing so, you create enormous trust and a stronger bond with your customers and suppliers.

So how can you minimize uncertainty? Quite simply: by keeping your customers and suppliers informed of any changes. Let them know if and what will change for each individual (if applicable), what you have to consider and provide detailed instructions. 

To achieve this quickly and easily, it is essential to record all customer and supplier information in one system. Which of my customers have branches in Italy? Which of my suppliers are heading for Italy? Does he have the necessary Corona passport? What exactly does he have to do in Italy? Etc. 

Logistics CRM solutions offer you the optimal opportunity to store all these values in a structured way. Because in a logistics CRM you can not only administer and manage your customer data, but also that of your suppliers, agents and shippers. 

The structured storage of data in a software solution is half the battle. 

The decisive factor is then,

  • that the system enables you to select the right recipient group
  • send the information quickly to the previously selected group of recipients 
  • automatically and easily feed the recipients’ responses and reactions back into the system.

By using the right solution, you can map the entire process in one system – quickly, easily and simply. This will probably be necessary for more countries and regulations in the near future. After all, it is uncertain whether more countries will not extend the green passport to the entire working world.

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