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Veronika Bauer - Business Development Manager

Together with the right customer into the future

The logistics and freight forwarding industry is facing new challenges! A headline that certainly applies to this industry almost daily.

A current example are the effects and influences of the Corona pandemic, which could hardly be more different within logistics – depending on the industry for which goods are transported. A lack of shipping containers leads to delivery bottlenecks. Volumes to be transported may exceed internal resources and capacities, and much more.  

Even beyond the crisis, the logistics industry will continue to face new challenges. In addition to the flexible adaptation of the entire logistics processes to the new circumstances, a key success factor – as in pretty much every industry – is the customer! And specifically the customers who contribute significantly to the profitability of the company. 

But do I actually know who – from an economic point of view – my success-critical customers are? How am I supposed to decide which customers I want to go into the future with?

Certainly not an easy decision. Especially if you don’t have access to meaningful data, or if you have to painstakingly gather it from a wide variety of data sources. 

Certainly, one has a feeling for which customers are critical to the success of one’s own company. Nevertheless, you are often surprised when you look at the underlying data. So the truth lies somewhere in between.

The customer at a glance delivers data-based decisions!

You already have the basis – the data – for an essential evaluation of your customers. In order to be able to make well-founded and, above all, quick decisions, a meaningful and clear visualization of all relevant customer data is helpful. 

This can be achieved with the right CRM platform. In addition to integration technology, such a CRM platform also offers analytics solutions. 

In this way, the complex logistics data and logistics processes can be mapped in a structured manner. 

With the right integration technology, the vast amounts of internal and external data that are already available today in countless applications of varying size and complexity are united and mapped in a structured manner on this platform.  The various analysis options provide the basis for data-based strategic decisions. 

The good news is that with today’s technology and the right software solution, such projects can be realized quickly! With the right CRM platform, you can bring your entire team together – sales, service, marketing, operations, IT and analytics – and keep the customer in view together!

This post was published on the  BVL-Blog on 12.07.2021.

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