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Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

DVZ XXL theme issue “We are logistics” – Tender management

Today the XXL theme issue of DVZ "We are logistics". LOGO consult AG is once again involved with an article on the processes and challenges in tender management.

We are regularly approached by the DVZ when it comes to specialist articles that have to do with the topic of logistics CRM.

This year, we have dealt with the processes in tender management on various levels and also published an article on our Logistics CRM Summit this is one of the topics.

Mr. Rainer Hoppe from the consulting firm Apari will give a presentation on “Process Support in Tender Management – How “Mature” Are Your Processes?”

In the XXL theme issue, the tender process is compared with the processes in a construction project. Rainer Hoppe is there with a knowledge box. Marc Pinheiro, Managing Director of M&M air sea cargo GmbH, reports from his experience on the challenges that logistics tenders bring.

A tender manager is dependent on information that supports him in deciding whether or not to participate in the tender. Elaborate research is often not possible. Which factors make participation seem promising or sensible for strategic reasons? The presentation of the general conditions already known about the tender can be very helpful.

Once a decision has been made to participate in the tender, cooperation between the tender participants is extremely important. Many employees, departments or national companies have to give their input, time frames have to be kept, formalities have to be observed, technical and legal factors have to be considered.

A clear presentation of all factors with traffic lights highlighting critical elements is helpful for all involved.

Automated processes for release, NDA declaration, escalation, information to stakeholders and management provide the tender stakeholders with the freedom to work on the tender.

Proactive alerts ensure that no deadlines are missed.

The complex processes involved in a tender cannot be simplified by software, but technology can be used to avoid mistakes and automate standard procedures.

When this is the case, the tender site runs like clockwork.

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