Picture of Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

New partnership and new ideas: LOGO consult and Diamant Software

Partnership for the benefit of customers: Since July 2019, LOGO consult and Diamant Software are working together on an optimised integration of both systems to provide meaningful data for the calculation of various logistics KPIs.

For this, LOGO and Diamant have agreed on a new integration partnership.

The Diamant Business Connector (dbc) connects the databases for the reporting functions.

In LOGO, segmentation criteria for customers and target customers as well as sales opportunities from both areas can be found in addition to sales activities.

Via interfaces, the LOGO database also contains data on consignments, relations, transport modes, load types, frankings, quantities and weights as well as turnover and profits.

When connected to a claims system and complaints are entered in the LOGO database, statistics on damage as well as damage quotas can also be calculated from LOGO.

The picture is further completed with the data from Diamant. The accounting data provides information on open items, their number, total and age to the customer files in LOGO.

So KPIs on payment behaviour, also broken down by company division or line of business, are just as possible as KPIs on damages, consignment development, ratio of turnover to profit and much more.

LOGO CRM and Diamant Software each offer evaluation and visualisation tools.

However, the joint logistics reporting cockpit offers a significant advantage for all customers because it enables an overall view of business development.

To Diamant Software:

Diamant Software has been the specialist for accounting software in the environment of leading business solutions for almost 40 years. Since the company was founded in 1980, Diamant Software has concentrated on its core business: the continuous development of sophisticated and at the same time user-friendly accounting software for medium-sized businesses. The aim is to facilitate the work of customers and to realise individual goals in a flexible way. Currently, about 60 partners use the solution and integrate it into their overall system. Diamant Software currently employs around 200 people and more than 30,000 users use the software every day.

To LOGO consult AG

The LOGO consult AG (www.logo-consult.com) was founded in 1993 in Starnberg near Munich. The company’s objective is to provide the logistics industry with a powerful, standardised and globally applicable CRM solution. With more than 25 years of industry experience, LOGO consult AG is the leading provider of CRM software for transport and logistics. In over 40 countries worldwide, many thousands of users work with the LOGO industry solution. Customers are small, medium-sized and large logistics companies worldwide.

What makes LOGO CRM so particularly suitable for logisticians?

LOGO consult advises logistics companies on customer and sales processes. LOGO CRM is a web-based customer database with numerous functions especially for logistics companies. Usable on mobile devices, every user can view their documents on customers, offers, contact data, call reports, etc., no matter where they are.

LOGO with interfaces to TMS

What makes LOGO CRM so special are the interfaces. The shipment and turnover data are taken from the ERP / TMS, assigned to the customer files and displayed in a structured way. You can see at a glance which countries the customer has shipped to, which country is the most profitable etc. With the help of an ABC analysis, the customers can be rated and the shipment behaviour over 8 quarters is visualised as a progression and trends are displayed visually.

LOGO with interfaces to financial accounting

Some LOGO customers also already have an interface to Diamant Software. Via the interface, data is imported and clearly displayed in the customer files. This way, a salesperson can see at a glance how high the total of open items is, when the last payment was received, which payment targets or credit limits exist. The partnership with Diamant resulted from mutual customers who wanted to have a LOGO/Diamant interface and transfer the data via API. This interface was implemented quickly and easily between the two companies and other joint customers can now benefit from it.

The path to the new partnership and the logistics reporting cockpit:

In the conversation between Diamant and LOGO, it turned out that we have a large overlap in our customer group and that many of our customers either do not have an accounting system at all or have an inadequate one and are definitely thinking about changing. On the other hand, most Diamond Logistics customers do not have a CRM and handle their sales activities via Outlook and Excel. So the first approach was a sales partnership with mutual recommendation.

During a visit to Bielefeld, the idea of the logistics reporting portal was born after the presentation of the respective evaluation possibilities on both platforms.

How do you benefit from the merger of LOGO and Diamant?

The fact that LOGO contains data on shipments, sales, damages, offers, potentials, sales activities and, with the Diamant interface, also accounting data, allows for a comprehensive dashboard with numerous KPIs of interest to management.

Access can be designed from Diamant or from LOGO CRM, the respective platform is accessed via the Diamant Business Connector.

Visualisations are made with tiles on the Diamant interface or the dashboards of LOGO. With the functions of LOGO CRM, it is possible to drill down into the data sources, so that managers can also go straight to the background of the visualised KPIs. This is where LOGO’s new reporting tool, LOGO PI, comes into play. Similar to pivoting in Excel tables, controllers and managers can group the data in the LOGO database, calculate it according to different rules and select different visualisations.

Presentation of the Logistics Reporting Cockpit at the Logistics CRM Summit on 2.10.19

The logistics reporting cockpit will be jointly realised in summer 2019 and will be available at the Logistics CRM Summit 2019 by LOGO consult on 2.10.19 at Lake Starnberg.

Alexander Mosch will give a corresponding lecture at this logistics forum. Here the Link to the event announcement. You can also register directly for the Logistics CRM Summit via this page. Participation is free of charge, but places are limited.

The BVL (Bundesverband Logistik) and the VNL Switzerland (Logistics Network Association), whose member LOGO consult is, are interested in the Logistics CRM Summit and will also distribute this event through their networks. This shows how relevant the topic is in the logistics world and how interesting the exchange at a specialist forum is for managers and sales managers.

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