Picture of Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Dorothee Gabor - Managing Director Business Development

Work-life balance LOGO style

Board of directors of a medium-sized company - a lot of responsibility, a lot of tasks, a lot of stress. How can we cope with that?

My answer is: identify sources of strength, use them, build them firmly into your schedule.

In practice, this means for me: If I don’t have enough time to be in nature, to experience sunshine even in winter, to move outdoors, I don’t have enough energy to meet the demands of everyday life.

Just 15 minutes of exercise outside gives me an energy kick

Anyone who knows me, especially anyone who has ever been to our training in Starnberg or experienced training sessions with me, knows my four-legged companion, who has been making sure for the past 7 years that I don’t forget to tap into this source of energy on a regular basis.

And anyone who has a dog knows that a walk with a four-legged friend has other qualities as well. There are few things that put a smile on my face as quickly as when my dog romps enthusiastically in the snow, races across meadows or runs up and down a beach. This joie de vivre is simply transmitted.

There are countless articles that prove what I have been experiencing for years: people who know what does them good, what makes them happy and who manage to make sure that they build these elements firmly into their lives are powerful. They can get the strength they need for everyday life.

Everyone has their own sources of strength

Whether it’s sport, family, friends, music, gardening, handicrafts or or or….

It’s amusing that for some people these factors in life are rather power guzzlers that enrich others. So general statements cannot be made here, but I can only advise everyone to look into it.

Turning off vs. being accessible

People often ask me why I work even when I’m on holiday. The answer is simple: because I don’t mind.

If I’ve been out walking the dog for an hour in the morning or cross-country skiing for 2 hours, it’s perfectly OK for me to check my emails and make the odd phone call while I’m resting. If I’ve spent the whole day sightseeing with my daughter or at the beach, I can easily work on a concept for a new module in the evening. Something like that is even more difficult in normal everyday life because there are many more distractions.

It’s in my free time or on holiday that I get to read technical literature or keep up with the latest trends in human resources management. After a day at work, I don’t absorb such information nearly as well and am much less creative.

And another thing: for me, the idea of having to deal with 1500 unsorted emails after a week’s holiday is much worse than “sacrificing” half an hour every day to pre-sort and delegate.

And so, after a week of “carnival alternative programme”, I go back to my work for LOGO with a lot of verve.

I hope my customers, business partners, interested parties and last but not least our employees benefit from this kind of work-life-balance

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